Senior Java Developer

We require strong Java Developer(s) to work on our products. You will be one of the team members responsible for developing real-time analytics platform

  • Contribute to modernizing our development and deployment practices to help drive towards a continuous deployment model, making extensive use of DevOps techniques
  • Apply micro-services architecture (and other modern concepts) where this makes sense, researching and evaluating options with a focus on industry best practices
  • Develop a series of analytic applications that range from pulling and pushing data through various APIs. Build prototypes and productionalize successes to acquire more data and deliver results against it
  • Contribute hands-on to the development of our products and infrastructure using well-honed coding skills
  • Find, troubleshoot and resolve problems
  • 5+ years of experience working with horizontally scaled distributed server-side applications
  • Experience in Java threading and concurrency with efficiently utilization database, network and file system resources
  • Proficient in architecting highly scalable, highly concurrent and low latency systems
  • Excellent one-on-one communication and presentation skills, able to convey technical information in a clear and unambiguous manner
  • Ability to prioritize and execute in a high pressure environment
  • Familiar with NoSQL databases ideally MongoDB, Cassandra and Elasticsearch
  • Strong experience with Spring (Spring Cloud, Spring Boot)
  • Experience with Containerization and Docker knowledge is a big plus
  • Good knowledge of open source technologies and DevOps paradigm
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