Why us?

Buguardian promises you innovative and useful products. So, why you actually should choose Buguardian?

Buguardian is a community that aims to secure web applications by taking advantage of all the innovations provided by information technologies, while providing 100% customer satisfaction. Ensuring protection in web applications with result-oriented, practical approaches and creating products that will act as virtual guards at the border where the internet and your network meet and this make the Buguardian brand very attractive for our customers.

Buguardian team members are very ambitious and passionate about customer satisfaction with the products that have already been launched and the products will meet with customers who are turning the wheels of the business world.

The rate at which the world is altering is staggering. The pace of change in the digital realm is EVEN FASTER than the rate at which the world itself is shifting. We must face this "chicken or the egg" conundrum head-on because it is now a part of our daily life. So... how do we keep this rapid shift from jeopardizing our safety? Unfortunately, a product's eligibility "right now" does not guarantee its continued eligibility tomorrow. The only way to acquire such expertise is to make optimal use of cutting-edge technologies while still ensuring maximum safety.

Because of this, we at Buguardian have taken on the role of a supplementary component, and we'd like to introduce you to Buguardian In App Security so that you may relax while protecting your applications. And as we were doing this, we opted to stay "inside" rather than continue on. Simply said, it was the newest and hence the safest option.

Why In-App Security?

The idea behind In-App Security wasn't to alter the functionality of a WAF, but rather to move it to a more convenient location. In-App Security is immediately prepared for both cloud and agile development settings because the firewall is already embedded within the app. It's a lot easier and quicker to adapt to new apps and software than it is with traditional firewalls, which can slow down your network.

Furthermore, In-App Security does not reroute or proxy request traffic into your app like an external WAF would. This prevents the app from being unusable if the In-App Security service ever goes down.
Traditional WAF vs In-App Security

In-App Security acts as a web application firewall without leaving your app, microservice, or API. Like a WAF that sits on the network perimeter, In-App Security analyzes all incoming data for suspicious patterns and then blocks them. In-App Security, in contrast to an external WAF, applies just the most effective set of rules to check traffic based on the specifics of your application's databases, frameworks, language, and properly parsed parameters. There are many structural benefits compared to traditional WAF creation. The security demands of your web app can be readily adjusted using an In-App Security.

If your app is written in PHP and connects to a SQL database, for instance, In-App Security will only look for threats that are specifically related to those two technologies while analyzing incoming traffic. Due to its contextual efficiency, an external WAF's false positive rate drops significantly and inspection time is cut in half.

Reflected Cross-site Scripting (XSS), Local File Inclusion (LFI), NoSQL Injection, and Shell Injection are just some of the attacks that may be uncovered and prevented by using In-App Security.

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