Who we are?

We are a team that develops innovative and solution-oriented products against these attacks and enriches these products with the latest technology. There are countless ways in which attacks can endanger organizations beyond human defense. As the Buguardian team, we aim not to waste your time with weak protection and incomplete measures, we work with all our strength and offer you comprehensive application layer security solutions.

Why Buguardian?

Unlike our peers, as the Buguardian team, we came together to offer you the most accurate and highest quality service in line with your needs, instead of products that are stereotyped and cannot exceed their limits. The birth of Buguardian actually occurred in order to fill this gap in the industry.

We promise to offer you a unique application security experience with the integration between our products, the privileges and innovations they provide, ease of use, and constantly renewing and improving structures.

Plus, we aim to maximize satisfaction with the support we provide to our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For sure, being a companion with Buguardian in application security will provide you with the highest product satisfaction.

Get To Know Our Products

buguardian WAF
Web Application Firewall
Buguardian WAF monitors what's going on in your application traffic, second by second, and notifies you directly in case of a potential danger and ensures that the danger is eliminated.

Protect your 7th layer against the most common threats ranked in the OWASP Top 10 with the cloud-based and easy-to-use Buguardian WAF.
buguardian WAS
Web Application Security
In web environments where the data of customers and organizations are processed, the new generation application security software Buguardian WAS scans your web applications meticulously and controls them according to high standard international security rules.

With Buguardian WAS, you can always be alert against the dangers that may be directed to web applications, and you can always avoid the vulnerabilities that become weaknesses for your business.